Sunday, 17 April 2011

4 day week

So we are at the beginning of the brilliant roller coaster of bank holiday in the UK right now. We have four days at work following by a four day weekend for Easter, three more days off and then a three day weekend thanks to William & Kate. Even better I have booked the cherished 'three days in between' which gives me a full eleven days without work. I still had nine days annual leave outstanding at the end of March so you can tell I didn't have too much time off lately.

As usual I am making a list!

2 days garden sort out - bonfire, dump, weeding and mowing. Plant some parsley seeds from my dad.
Sort out and rejuvenate pots.

2 days shed - fix the darn roof and get the tools out of the house before I give in and move to the shed myself. The two days include sorting the actual shed.

2 days house fix - not hanging doors or moving cookers but sorting out everything else.

2 days - sloths and fun

Leaves me three days still to occupy. Result!


  1. Ooo...soooo jealous. Next year when I get 3 weeks vacation I want to have extra long weekends too. That's assuming I am still working that long, which I probably will be.

  2. ha ha, you are definitely in the home straight. I have 11 years to go, minimum!


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