Home days

I am home alone the first day of my planned 11 days at home (now a four and a six - I need to go in on Tusday for the day). The weather is perfect. Fahed and Jamal left at 5am to marshal at a Triathlon event in Oxford. I can't imagine why but I guess it is more fun that it sounds, unlimited bacon sarnies wouldn't get me up at 5.

So my leisurely day is breakfast at my parents house. Almost certainly yogurt. Mum doesn't know what else to give me since I stopped earing carbs but I love yogurt so its all good. I was actually dreaming about Rachels Low fat Rhubarb Yogurt last night. very strange and sad, but vyer very yummy.

Mid morning I will vacuum right through, give the bathroom and kitchen a scrub and empty any rubbish etc. There is talk of my eldest son painting the stair area of the house but I have heard that plenty of times and don't hold my breath.

Oh, and did I mention. I have now lost 11kg. My best weight loss ever. No chocolate bunnies for me over Easter.


  1. Have a lovely weekend Lizzie and congrats on the weight loss; 11kg is brilliant!

  2. Great job with the weight loss! I think the only time I dreamt of yogurt was when I had the flu and hadn't eaten in 3 days. It must be very good yogurt!


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