Saturday, 23 April 2011

and so, today.

Yesterday I got my vacuuming of the main house and laundry my laundry all completed. I decided to take the car up for a go through the cash wash. I know it is expensive but two or three times a year is enough because of the waxing they give it. As I queued I was reading the options menu for having the car valeted. It was £17 so I decided I wasn't feeling that flush and would do it myself that afternoon. When I went to pay he offered me the internal clean for £10. I dallied for about 5 seconds and then caved straight in. First time in my life i have had the inside of my car cleaned by someone else. I handed over my £20 and he gave me £10 back. So I got the whole lot of £10 rather than paying for external scrub up as well. Bargain. Full valeting for £1. Apparently they do this when they are quiet so it was just lucky on my part. I think they staffed up for Easter and then found people were not wasting their money on such things. £26 save and it does look good, better than it does when I do it anyway.

Fahed has work this morning until 11am and then we can do whatever we want until his volunteering by 7pm. I guess we will be doing something as I think he felt a bit guilty of disappearing all day yesterday and leaving me home alone.

The traffic is bad enough to ensure we don't go very far but no problem, having a house over a hundred years old means you never run out of things to do at home.


  1. I've never had my car cleaned inside and out by professionals. It would be worth it once in a while with all the extra mess the dogs leave behind.

  2. Me neither up until now. But for a quid it was well worth it!


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