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I was going to write about Syria tonight. In fact I did but I cleared the post as I know the old fella would not be happy about my political ramblings. I notice people from non democratic countries do not care to publicize political opinion. A Chinese friend of mine was approached to teach a short course on Chinese Politics at the local uni. Her face was a picture. She offered Chinese cookery instead.

So I will consider practicalities instead. We have two investments in Syria. Some land & an off plan apartment. We think we will offer the apartment to my sister in law. She is a good business woman and could probably sell it on at a profit. We then need around £25k to build on the land. Any profit from the flat can contribute to this. We can then sell it for £100k. This isn't what we planned but we can't be sure which way things will fall with the government. I wont be putting any more money there for a while just to be safe. After all this is the old fellas pension I am playing about with.


  1. That's funny, Chinese cookery instead. So true though, not everyone is used to every stranger on the street corner sharing their political opinions with the world.

  2. I never took them too seriously but when the Russian spy that had defected was poisoned in London a few years back, then you have to wonder. So now I bite my tongue.

  3. It's hard when politics and a place you care for deeply mix. Hope things will stabilize. I do believe you are making some wise decisions.

  4. Hi MW
    It is stressful. Our biggest worry of course is is that things are worse and not better, and democracy, and everything that comes with it, is put back another half century.


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