Decluttering - things i have learnt

The kitchen is in the usual sate of flux. All of the cupboards that are going in the refurb are empty and staying that way. The mugs are all in a basket in one the cupboard which is staying. Yesterday I dropped the whole basket. Five broken mugs. We still have enough mugs. I put a nice shot class in the corner of the dishwasher basket and found the corner doesn't have basket, just gap. Another breakage. I have more shot glasses. At least I didn't break any of the ceramic tiles this time. No need to de-clutter there now

One bit of de-cluttering I should have done is to go through my cosmetic basket. I found some dead sea exfoliant. I just plastered it on my face, and hand as they were the application tools, and found that instead of being creamy and oily it set like glue. I have washed under almost boiling water, scrubbed with soap and gel cleanser and am still unpleasantly sticky and kind of varnished. My eyes are really sore from all of the scrubbing.

I finally sorted out the electricals cupboard in my bedroom. Three freecyclers are coming around to collect bits today. Electric bill should go down. Unexpected side benefit. My bedroom is darker. i hadn't noticed that the standby lights, even though they were in a cupboard, light the room.

Sorted through a pile of goodies form the shed and kept six packs of parquet flooring and a large expanse of laminate flooring underlay. All good for the front porch.

Anything with a sell by date can go. Doesn't have to be a literal sell by date. The facial exfoliant was jsut obviously out of date. The electricals might sjust as well have gone to a new home years ago.

Anything costing money to stay can go. Electricals again but even if I had noticed and unplugged them would have been a help. What a dimbo.

Anything which doesn't deteriorate, costs more money to replace that to keep can stay. Well it can as long as it also passes the 'being useful or at least very beautiful rule'.

When the kids were little Fahed made them a huge toy boy and I painted it with jungle and underseas scenes. I found it buried at the back of the shed, where it got sent when toys dropped off the agenda. I am scrubbing it, carefully to avoid scratching my 'art', and it has now earned its place in the conservatory as a large side table. It is being used for hiking gear, tennis gear and paint-balling equipment now. Still a toy box but now for bigger boys toys. I was umming and ahhhing about keeping it until my youngest son said 'you can't get rid of it, its amazing'. sometimes he can be very cute.

I guess |i cant avoid work any longer and the toy box should now be dry enough to move.

Ahdel claims to have fixed my camera so there may be photos for added excitement!


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done. I am still procrastinating my sorting chore. I put up new shelves and then just stared at my piles of stuff and went outside to work on the fence instead. It is just overwhelming.


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