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I have had false starts with getting the old fella on board with the 'frugal lifestyle' before, had false starts with the shopping plan, the budget and all sorts of other things too. This time I think I have got it.

I allocated sorted the budget last month and allocated an amount for fuel, shopping and pocket money each. I have done this before but I went into too much detail. Car repairs mucked up month one and we deteriorated from the word go.

This time there is just 5 categories;
Bills - I have pruned all that I can and am trying my best to reduce the rest (no baths, quick showers, line drying all of the laundry).
Shopping - £400 for the month for 4.5 of us. So far we have spent about half of it but we are stocked up with meat until the end of the month, laundry and dishwasher tablets for a year, dry goods for about 6 months, bread, veg and salad etc for the week. I am hoping that two more sessions of bread/veg etc will last us the month.

Fuel - £250 per month for both cars and any other transport. We have £220 left at the moment but both need to fill up this week.

Pocket money £150 each. I have bought a bag of compost, some plants, a skirt on ebay. £125 left to keep me going. Fahed has spent approximately nothing but if saving up for some tools to take to Crete.

Neither of us have used our card to pay for anything except previously agreed expenditure. If we carry on like this we are actually going to acheive some goals. Whoop Whoop.

These stairs could be replaced at the Crete house if we stay on track!


  1. oh my! New stairs would certainly motivate me I think. That looks scary.

  2. They are. Greek people, even with toddlers, seem to take them in their stride but its a real undertaking if my parents (in their eighties) want to go upstairs. And there is no rubbish collection fromt he house he either!


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