Wednesday, 1 June 2011

365 less things

Just reading this post and seeing how Cindy has emptied her house over the last 12 months. Interestingly she has got a taste for it and is carrying on for another 6 months.

I can do this! Surely I can. I have the clutter and I have the desire for an emptier house. I hope that blogging about it will give me the enthusiasm to maintain the effort. I aim to update my blog every Sunday with a list of whatever has gone.

This week

Surround sound dvd system
DVD recorder
Sky box
Massive foot stool
Small rug
6 articles of clothing
2 dead plants

I am aiming for 10 things per week at first but i might go for more if that is very attainable. Things that I like/want/find useful/find beautiful can stay for ever or at least until they break and can't be fixed.

Maybe I can even start to ebay again. It is shear sloth that stops me.

I will start with my corner of the shed and my study. I don't feel as though I can start on every one elses stuff with a clear conscience until i have done my own. My drawer of beautifuk handbags is calling to me.

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