Friday, 3 June 2011

365 less things-part 2

I didn't mention my desire to empty the house to anyone yesterday but I sorted few a few more bits and pieces, advertised a few things on freecycle. Then then magic began.

I checked a drawer in the bathroom and found an unused, indeed unopened, box containing an electric razor. I asked Fahed if it was his (as opposed to one of the kids, I mean, not meaning it belonged to a stranger). Answer:I think so. But I have never used it and doubt I ever will as I like a wet shave. Put it in the eBay basket'. What?? Nothing if his ever goes in the eBay box or anywhere else. Not ever. Later on he fitted a tap to the front of the house for car cleaning etc. As he was putting his tools back he noticed a new letterbox which he bought as the flap was broken on the old one. He drilled the slot out more and fitted it. And then through the old one out. Not kept it 'just in case'.Today I came home from work and found a pair of ancient Birkenstocks in the bin. I think this could snow ball.

I am fairly understanding about his stuff. When he was a kid he literally had nothing. Not a single toy, not even a bike. He went out to work in a factory as a kid. I understand why he is like he is but it is good to know that he is now finally starting to relax.

I am going to work on some small areas, like drawers, and encourage him to join in. I really think there is more to this than just tidying up. Wish me luck!


  1. Since you are so inspirational with your cleaning out the clutter I have actually moved my old TV out of my yard. Ok, so it is still in my driveway but it is a step in the right direction.

  2. haha, step in the right direction. No freecycle where you are or too many TV's available to everyone?


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