Minus De-cluttering

Well no quite but I did have to actually buy a few things this week which were not just food or petrol.

Yesterday we planned to mend a fence panel which has broken in the back garden, After taking it out and laying it down in the garden we found that it was far more broken than we thought. It was cheaper to replace than to fork out for wood to fix it. It does make the other panels look old but they are all in good condition so they will be staying for a few years yet.

Our local DIY shop have section where power tools which are no longer to be stocked, are reduced to a more affordable price. Fahed has been keeping an eye on a reciprocating saw which he wants for the old dead trees and roots around the Crete House. This week he decided they are not going to reduce it further and that he is going to miss his chance soon, so he caved in and bought it. Bless him, he bought it form his pocket money even though it is something the household needs and it is certainly cheaper than getting someone in to the work.

I bought a skirt, some jeans and a dress from eBay. Total spend £22 including postage. Twice in the last couple of weeks i have discovered little invisible holes in my clothes. near the seems. Not yet visible but also not very mend able, as the material is just giving up. So a few items are being replaced.

Budgets are still working

Petrol - monthly budget £250. Remaining £96 (one LPG file up for Fahed and one tank of petrol for me). We both have around about a 100 miles of fuel in the cars at the moment.

Shopping - monthly budget £400 . Remaining £141 plus freezer is full of meat. Veg, potatoes and bread required this week. This includes extra food for my sons 30km hike and indulgent steaks all around for my birthday this week.

My pocket money - Monthly budget £150 - remaining £109. I will save any which is left at the end of the month.

Fahed pocket money -Monthly budget £150 - remaining, no idea as i gave it to him in cash, however it cant be more than £50 after buying his saw from the cash.

I am happy with this. When we tried a complicated system, saving for car tax etc all separately but it really wasn't a success. This means we save everything except these expenses and our bills but car repairs etc come out of that pool.

This is the house that we will be renovating with what we manage to save.


  1. Wow, are you working on that house yourself or will you hire people to do some of it? It looks overwhelming to me.


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