All out tonight

First time for a long time we are all out tonight. The kids have gone out together for the evening and for some reason that always makes me happy. Despite the 2.5 year age difference they like to go out together sometimes. I am going out with the folks from work and Fahed will go to his monthly poker night after work.

I am quite quite overwhelmed with love for my boys, on a regular basis. They are adorable, cute, caring, friendly, thoughtful. Incredibly, breath breathtakingly untidy. I just got home from as they were getting ready to leave to meet Ahdel's girlfriend before their evening out. The house looks like they had a rummage sale before leaving. In my defense I would just say that I always thought it was more important to teach them to be honest, kind and thoughtful but sometimes I do wish I had drummed tidy into them just a bit more. I strongly suspect it is too late now.

No worries, I don't mind drying myself in a flannel after my shower.


  1. Maybe their girlfriends will inspire cleanliness? I have no excuse. The dogs bring my level of cleanliness down to close to slovenly. It is a constant battle.

  2. I am not holding out a lot of hope. The only good thing is that they are not overly materialistic so they don't have that much stuff to get everywhere.


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