Catch up Sunday

Yesterday was very much a day of sloth. I am not used to late night anymore and indeed that will do me until the Christmas party. I did manage to go food shopping yesterday and completely re-stocked everything, except for potatoes, for £121. This leaves us £279 for the rest of the month. I took Jamal shopping with me and he is great at finding the offers and bargains. He also spotted some reduction in the meat aisle which we can adapt to fit our menu plan this week (yes, still sticking to it!!). Jamal always insists on packing the bags and carrying everything in doors for me. Its just great. I am thinking of renting him out.

Aside from big shopping I just made a vat of chilli and swept the hard floors. Today I need to finish the laundry and hopefully line dry it. Vacuum right through. Scrub up the kitchen and bathroom. Cut the grass and prune some of the wild growth in the garden. I also have a few plants to put in including some lavender from my other son. They were being thrown away at work so they are allowed to bring them home.

I took one of his plants down to my mum last night. We had a lovely evening sitting together and chatting. My mum was very pleased with herself that she found her cousins house for sale on the internet and showed me all the details. Bearing in my she was 80 when she got her laptop I am well impressed. She always enters her quiz answers online now instead of posting them. My dad does all his banking and investments online but using my hands. He reads the financial pages to decide what he wants to do and then on Saturday nights we make the moves, open the accounts or whatever. He didn't trust it to start with but he had to pay his bank £25 to move some money on time, a couple of weeks later I did the same form his online account for free and he was hooked.

My dad has an appointment this week to see the specialist about his problems with his knee & whether it must be replaced. He damaged it in a motorbike accident in 1949 and for 60 years it didn't bother him but for the last couple of years its very bad. he also had to have a check up on his bladder and prostate to make sure the cancer is under control. He had some quite major surgery for skin cancer on his face last year and the surgeon took a load of skin from his neck and sort of re-build half of his cheek. If you look at him now you wouldn't know it. Amazing work. My mum,. who is a tough little cookie generally, is not good this week either. I believe she has RSI from scrubbing the carpets by hand but I am sure she didn't tell the doctor she had been doing that. It is too sudden and too severe to be the arthritis that the doctors suggests. She is in huge amounts of pain whenever she moves it. It is best if in a sling but then that pulls on her neck. time seems to be to be very cruel sometimes but I know that really they are in pretty good shape for their ages. Thank goodnesss for the wonderful NHS. i cant imagine life without They swim every day and make an effort to get out and about each day to. They are always the oldest people on the plane when we go on holiday! Yesterday their neighbour had a bouncy castle in his garden for a kids party. Most old folks would be moaning about the noise but mine said how lovely it was to hear the kids enjoying themselves and how it was the best use that garden had been put to for years. Couldn't you just hug them???

I should maybe go get on with some of my outstanding taks instead of babbling on!