End of the month

Tomorrow is pay day. So today is summing up day.

I believe that having a strict(ish) budget has focused us to spend less. We were under spent on my personal spending budget despite buying a load of new, to me, clothes. Fahed spent all of his pocket money but bless him, he spent it on me. We were just under on fuel and about £20 over on food. We do have an expensive meal, steak and lots of it, for my birthday. My men are all carnivores, well and truly. I also bought snacky foods which I wouldn't normally buy for Jamal's hiking expeditions.

Today is also when i submit my gas and electricity readings. I checked the estimate and we are starting to turn it around, I can't be sure until the actual bill arrives but being more deliberate makes a difference. Maybe I can live with the Chinese laundry look in my conservatory after all.

I have bought myself this book on the advice (kind of) of Moyra. I have so much to do at work and at home, I really need some help. However I seem to be ablet o stick to the budget, to the energy cutting back and to the low level menu planning. She can be taught.