Being frugal for what?

I am not materialistic. I really don't need a load of stuff. in fact I am happier with less so being frugal kind of suits me. Of course I am doing it for future security. I want to know that my family will always have a home and food to eat. Thats the real centre of the universe. But I have been thinking that we don't do enough compared with a few years ago. We used to go more to theme parks, weekends to Europe, comedy and music gigs. Now one or more of us is always working. We go on holiday together every summer, we are always together at Christmas and we make sure that we ar always together for birthdays, mothers and fathers day. In fact we are very often together but not together and doing something. I know there is more chance of plans coming to fruition than non plans coming to fruition. So:

Theme park - between end of summer annual leave and Christmas.
Music or comedy gig - between summer annual leave and Christmas.
Long weekend - maybe to Rhineland. Spring 2012.

Going forward:
One theme park a year.
At least one but hopefully two gigs or theatre.
Two cinema trips - the big family blockbusters like a new Indian Jones film.
One or two mini breaks. We always did this and we talk at family events about the stuff we did and fun we had.
At least two big family barbecues.
At least two big family meals.

I made a general decision to have more fun a while back but I wasn't specific enough and it didn't really happen. Lets just try a little bit harder.


  1. absa-f*cking-lutely!! great idea. love it

  2. I finally feel like I can schedule some fun now. Maybe even take a few days offwithout pay since I don't have much vacation time. I don't think I have ever done that before.


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