New style menu planning

Every now and then I give the whole menu planning thing a go. Lasts a couple of days and then we have a day of leftovers or everyone is out and about. or an 'on otast' day and it all falls to bits. We dont suffer because of my inability to decide until approximately dinner time what we are having for dinner. I de-frost some kind of protein and make it into a meal, usually by about 7pm. We don't get takeaway or eat gross frozen meals

, we just get our dinner a bit late if I forget to de-frost.

What about this. Flexi meal planner. I have a list of meals that everyone fancies. I have them in an order on my pad. I will make sure we have what is needed for each but i won't set a day. If there are lots of leftovers then we will have it over again. If no-one is about then we will have beans on toast. Theory is that this is structured enough to stop waste but simple and flexible enough for a numpty like me to manage it. Normally I forget all about meal planning once it has gone wrong once. We aren't proper wasteful, only the real disasters go in the bin, but we could do better I guess. Anyways I like to try new things so there we go.