Monday, 27 June 2011

He is quite cute

Last month was our first attempt at proper budgeting and Fahed got £150 to last him. he bought himself a new power tool to take to the Crete house for work. He spent the rest, along with other cash he had saved, on my birthday present. Bless his little cotton socks.

On Friday I gave him his money for this month. Today he bought me a luxury memory foam topped mattress. Claims to be £800 on the packing. £150. We have wanted a new mattress for ages, our is minimum ten years old and feels like it is stuffed with coal. It was just delivered by two guys from the mattress shop. Its perfect. Amazing bargain. End of line or some such. I am waiting to go to bed tonight but its only nine o c'clock. It is twice as thick as the old one. Just can;t wait for bed tonight!

I telephoned to my car insurance provider tonight to ask how much it was to add both of my sons to the policy. Not good. it goes from £225 annually to £1600 annually. I found an online quote for £800. Tomorrow I will call to see how much to cancel the current policy to make the move over. I stupidly just committed to another year with my current provider without thinking about my boys at all. Sometimes i could have better timing with the 'great ideas'.

Lastly, I was just reading Laura's five year plan. I am going to take a leaf from her book and work on something similar for us. I am going to make mine more of a fifteen year plan but otherwise just keeping it simple in the same way, but becase I am who I am, also very flexible.


  1. That mattress does look very nice. I'd be excited to go to bed too.

  2. Excited to see your 15 year plan!


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