Drying laundry

So my decision to give up the tumble dryer, and reduce the electric bill, because it is officially summer and therefore dry enough to line dry. Well that worked well. It hasn't actually stopped raining since I made the decision. However I have stayed away from the dryer. I have a clothes airer in the conservatory which is fully stack, all of the short, tops and dresses are on coat hangers hanging from the curtain rail. The undies and socks are on my octopus multi hanging thing.

The place looks like an old laundry. My washer take about an hour to thoroughly wash a load of clothing. It then takes about three days to dry that some load. I am not going to use the tumble dryer if I can help it but this is trying my patience a bit. I suppose that we all knew that summer would be wet and windy after we have glorious days at 27 degrees

in April. Bloody English Weather indeed.


  1. So you are saying that if I hang my clothes on the line it will finally rain? I'll do it!


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