fat update

I forgot to mention. I have now lost 25lb. Weight loss has slowed down but importantly for me, it is still happening.

My back is feeling the benefit of carrying less of me around. I am walking more but haven't started bike riding yet. I wanted to start dancing once a week and then the lessons got cancelled Grrr.


  1. Good for you Lizzie! My husband and I have decided that we both need to drop some poundage. This winter was a lazy one for me and my rounder body is feeling the effects of my non-activity.

    It's amazing how uncomfortable it can become to carry around a few extra pounds. I'm hoping to steadily get to a more comfortable weight in the coming months.

  2. Great job! 25 pounds if quite a lot to not have to carry anymore.

  3. My weight sneaked on over the years, Jenny,I cant blame a single winter. I do feel better without it though. Sadly lots more to go.

    Yes, I have been doing too much weight lifting I think Daizy.


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