Today I am actually going shopping - voluntarily

Last Saturday Jamal & I popped into the discount book store 'The Works' to pick up a writing pad for me. I spotted a couple of books by authors he likes and treated him to a couple of books. The label price was £18.99, which is at the high end of normal for a hard back, but the sale price was around £1.99. We stocked up pretty well. At the till the assistant said we have some more books by the same author,if you are interested. Sure, why not. Lets get the shelves filled up for the whole year ahead. She couldn't find the books she thought she had seen but then remembered that she had been working at another branch. She told us where to go but also said to wait until today because there was a at least half price closing down sale. So when Jamal gets back from his friends house we are off to the book shop. We will stick to our budget. Then to the Asian supermarket to stock up on chillies, at about 1/8th the price of the local supermarkets, and some olives. I like to have a day out with my youngest son sometimes, he is very entertaining company.

I have woken up to the sun shining so hopefully I can get my laundry dry without bumping up my electric bill.

I have a few plants to go into pots today too. My eldest son works for a landscape gardening company and any plants that are a bit scraggy and not perfect get disposed of, but actually they are allowed to keep them. I have four lovely luscious, but i assume a bit weedy compared with their mates, specimens to improve my garden with today. Of course I like that they are free but best of all I like that he thought of his mum when he saw them going to waste. I am very mucky with my lovely boys.