Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 1

Well day 1 was lovely. The day actually passes so much quicker than the work day, mostly I suspect because I am ready to stop working at 3pm whereas in real life I don't get home until 6pm.

We ran little errands this morning and visited a friend for coffee and chat. That might sounds scivey but as well as enjoyable it was very useful. Our friends have renovated and seven houses between them and had an excellent idea for our stairway at the Crete House. We will pop over again at the end of the week with photos to make some paper plans.

I made a carrot cake, which is already half gone, and a toffee cake. I did a bit more to my wardrobe review and completely re-wrote my address book in a lovely new book. I down loaded Picasa3 and began a bit of a sort out of my photos. Aren't these amazing. I remember this day so clearly. I keep reading about not keeping photos but I can't think I would like to be deprived of these memories. As I get older I need to see the photos to bring the day back with any clarity.


  1. Very pretty gardens. And that is a sweet picture with your son. Now that all my photos are digital I don't see them very much except when I put them on my blog. Although, I can't say I look at my old photo albums much either.

  2. That's Kew Gardens in London The glass was by an American artists who was displaying his work there. It was stunning. Its true, I only saw them because I starting having a sort out, otherwise nothing gets viewed.


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