Go through your wardrobe - make do and mend

Sunday morning, coffee and blog reading. On My Year of Shopping Detox I saw this lovely image over an article about learning new frugal skills. I am always up for some new frugal skills but not having any idea what Gater Aid is therefore not needing to make my own (juice and salt does sound gross) I was inspired to have a review of my wardrobe.

I already have an unusual structure to my wardrobe loosely called the rule of the right. Everything I use I put back on the right hand side. This means once a year or so you can pick up the whole left hand side of the contents and ditch them. Being overweight this gets mucked up by the desire to hang on to clothes i will fit in again 'one day'. However since I am now 30lb down and showing no signs of getting stuck, I think I probably am right to hang on to it. As my clothes get too big I am taking them in rather than ditching and replacing because I am still losing. They are all fairly easy to make smaller as they are simple shapes but I do have one tailored skirt in a larger size which I am nervous of chopping about. as I get smaller I have more tailored stuff in my wardrobe, from way back when it was normal to wear suits to work. That could be a problem but I will worry when I get there. Maybe I can take it to the shop for re-sizing.

Anyway before I need to worry about that, I am going to create a spread of what I have highlighting what can go and what i will be able to wear soon. I will have all the usual categories jackets, skirts, jeans with a work, home, going out category, colour category and size category.

This is the kind of thing you can do when you have a week off for no particular reason!