Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 2

Went to Argos to buy some 1/2 pasta plates - sold out. Shopping fail but frugal success.
Went to Matalan to buy a couple of new T-shirts for Fahed - nothing suitable. Shopping fail but frugal success.
To the Works - Buy one get one free on packs of cards. These are really nice and suitable for birthday. I spend £4 total on forty cards. Also bought some little silvery stickers which say Happy birthday, Happy Anniversary etc. Birthday cards sorted for some years - Shopping and frugal success.
Re-joined library - hopefully frugal success.
Finished all Fahed reports for end of term - not frugal but certainly a stress success. Not our favourite job at all.
Result of heart monitoring - All good but we got told off for waiting two hours before calling ambulance. Heart is fine or as fine as it can be however occasional irregular beating is something he will need to get used to because of damage to his heart all those years ago. Again stress success.
Full laundry basket and cool bag of bits, bobs and books to Salvation Army. Organisational success.
I am hoping Fahed will be more relaxed now he has his heart results. Tomorrow we have to go to one of the swim schools and hand in the reports but otherwise the day is really ours. I think we cant avoid the dreaded attic tomorrow.

More unrelated photos which I came across during my clean out.
Annual Saints Day party in our village

Waiting for a Greek christening to start




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