Day 3 - home truths, ouch

My third day at home, excluding the weekend when I am always at home. Is the place shining and almost empty? All washing clean, dry and put away (well it is all clean and dry). Delicious dinner simmering away on the hob. Well no. Nothing is looking like it should. Actually there is a delicious dinner simmering away but that is all.Its raining like hell all day every day and I am not appreciating being at home in the way I imagined. I suspect I might benefit from having slightly less time on my hands. If I have a weekend or an extra day than I am busy the whole time but I haven't been to work for 5 days now and am fast losing momentum. I am disappointed in myself. What is the point of looking forward to retiring if I cant retain an interest for five days.

There are a few things which might be adding to the problem. I have been doing Fahed pupil reports all week (he is dyslexic but dictates, it would just take too long if he did it himself) which is never fun. He also has work every day so we cant actually go anywhere. We don't have any spare cash as everything is going in the holiday fund.

So maybe i should re-think my retirement plans. I'll take another week off in November/December time and see how that feels. Oh dear.


  1. You will just have to have a better plan for retirement with lots of hobbies to keep you busy. I remember when I was laid off of work. I worked on decorating my house and yard and then ran out of money and was very very bored and watched a lot of TV.

  2. I should also arrange for less rain during retirement. Thats what i need hobbies to replace work. Yaay


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