Day 3.5 (it is morning so not Day 4 yet)

I visited my sister last night and everyone asked are you having a good holiday,. Um, no, not really. The non stop rain and associated greyness, Jamal is poorly and he is usually very entertaining, Fahed is still working so we can't do anything that isn't over by about 3pn, loads of work needs doing in doors but it really does some work by the poorly/working boys before I can do my bit. I really cant afford to spend a load of money on anything as I have so much that needs doing in Crete.

So last evening I made a few plans to make my last couple of days worthwhile
Attic - got to get my lazy arse up into the attic to clear out more junk
Bring a chest of drawers out of my study and freecycle it.
Empty some shelves in the shed and cut them to size and install in the study (this will lead to moving a couple of filing cabinet to the shed but not just yet).
After the furniture move I can sort out my study.
Also need a trip to the Asian supermarket to top up on chillies.

It is still grey and rainy, Jamal is still ill (and we are off to the doctor in ten minutes), Fahed is still working but I have found something I can do without help or great expense so its all good.

I was going to paint the stairs this week (the walls etc not just the stairs) but since my menfolk fixed them last week by moving the wall (eek) there is a lot of extra bits of wood and plastering required before we get to the painting stage.

I am not sure how I feel about early retirement today. It should be good but is it worth having a much lower pension to get it? Maybe or maybe not.