Day 4

Improving. Sun briefly emerged a few times. Jamal is starting to feel better and has stopped puking. And more importantly for my sanity I got some things accomplished. Not necessarily the ones I had on mind but any accomplishment makes me feel better. Apparently I am not especially good at not achieving anything. Fahed cant stop smiling as his reports are all finished and he is trying to feel sympathetic to me but the big grin on his face is giving the game away.

Today I;

Took Jamal to the doctor and picked up medication. he is feeling much better so it is good that we went.
Visited Mum & Dad to send mum off to the doctor too. She has, I think, the same as Jamal. She also needs a cortisone injection in her shoulder but has read up on the internet that it can go wrong and is no unnecessarily nervous.
Sorted out the paints in the shed and disposed of anything which had completely dried up. I didn't find any paint which is useful for the stairs and landing so I know I have to colour match my new paint purchase.
Sorted all the garden equipment etc from the shed and packed it away in my new mini garden shed box.
Made a fish pie.
Booked a hair cut for tomorrow morning.

Biggest thing I did was to spent some time in blogger & google and opened as ad sense account. I also set up a blog for Fahed. He's dyslexic but very creative and can fix or build anything. I am hoping that if he starts to take some photos and then write about what he does then he will be less afraid of writing. I tell him all about spell checker and syntax checker but he worries. Maybe if he sees what he can create then he starts to lose his fear. Actually fear is not the right word, its more like inhibition. I don't think he is afraid of anything except he sometimes has nightmares that he goes back to the middle east to visit family and then he isn't allowed to come home to us. Bless him.

I shall sleep a little more contented tonight.