Day 5

So last day of my holiday and finally I am getting used to it. I am learning to structure my day. Apparently a lack of structure doesn't sit as well with me as I thought it did I am still learning about myself even though I am nearly 50. Not sure if old dogs can learn new tricks but we can certainly identify the old ones that we are not so keen on.

I did a little spending today but only from my allowance. I had my hair cut. It took nearly an hour (I have a lot of hair) and cost a horrifying £20.50. That is despite being in the cheapest salon in town. My hair is not as big as Rebecca Wade but I feel it could have easily got that far if not tamed and I was sick of seeing her locks, and the rest of her, after all the phone hacking news this week. So News International cost me £20.50.

I also sprung out a small fortune to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Thoroughly enjoyed it but wont need to go to the cinema again until the next Indiana Jones film.

Tomorrow I am off to B&Q to buy myself a small set of wooden shelves for my study. Fahed is keeping the ones he has in the shed as they were too big and all together too ropey to bring indoor. That should make my study all together more user friendly.

For the weekend I am planning some time in the garden to sort out the millions of weeds which popped up in the non stop rain this week. I will sweep the hard floors. I budget £100 per week to shop but I tomorrow I just need to top up the vegetable supplies. Lidl is my best bet for price and quality.

I bought myself some Birkenstocks on eBay this week. They are really good and it was an excellent price. Today I noticed they had Birkenstocks in TKMaxx but I swear they were fakes. I don't suppose they could be but I have more pairs of Birkenstocks than anyone I know, five in every day for a start. Surely I should be able to tell the differnt and these just looked like really bad fakes.

Now I am getting used to being home and I relly dont want to go back to work on Monday. Whatever is wrong with me?