I had lots of good things planned this week. We visited my sons girlfriends family last weekend for a barbie. We took along food and drinks like we would for a family barbie and found we were the only ones that did so. oops, i assumed everyone spread the load a little like we do but apparently not. On Tuesday evening I had an early dinner with the 'girls' at work as one of them was retiring. On Wednesday it was my sisters 60th birthday. We had surprise dinner planned for her. All went well until my dad passed out part way through. He was out for a while and although it went on like some kind of endless nightmare. We finally got him back from the hospital last evening. They think his blood pressure was too low, probably because his BP tablets have recently been doubled in strength. They also found an irregular heart beat. I thought we had lost him, it was truly a nightmare. My poor dad just keeps apologising for spoiling the party and making us worried. My sister told him that the best present she ever had was for him to be okay. I haven't slept for days and am existing on caffeine. Every time i close my eyes to sleep i see it 9over again, as I was directly opposite dad at the table.

Roll on sleep and a weekend with the family.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad. hope all will be okay.

  2. oh no, that sounds dreaful, poor you and poor your dad. hope you are OK

  3. How scary! So glad he is recovering.

  4. Thanks everyone. He is looking pretty good at the moment.


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