Grumpy Mummies

Well that always happens. I am reveling in the sheer pleasure of a relaxed Sunday afternoon so I catch a cold. Its not always a cold, sometimes a puncture or a bad tempered person. Its okay to be happy but even slightly smug and something will get you. My sisters says the black fairies will get you. An they always do.

My throat is sore, but slightly soothed my hot lemon and honey, my nose is running an my head aches. All the usual really.

But even though I am poorly and therefore somewhat ratty I am not as bad as some people. Jamal's trip to London was marred by the fact that his mates mum was a bit of a bad tempered old ratbag who thinks that she can intimidate a 19 year old with threats. Please. Seriously my babies are scared of no-one. Jamal is polite, helpful and no trouble to anyone because he is a nice (and well brought up, if I may say so) young man not because he is scared of people. He carried her bag and helped her up and down stairs all day without being asked. You could find a more helpful person but you would have to really try. This is a kid who goes on holiday late so that he can accompany his grandparents through the airport and plane as he worries about them travelling alone. Judging by his mates reaction mother is always a bit of a cranky old bird. Have to admit to a certain warm glow when he said how much more fun it would have been if we had been there instead.

No home cooking from me tonight but Fahed must have still had some bounce in him as I see homemade muhammara ( a tomato and chilli dip), houmous and lamb meatballs in the kitchen waiting for Ahdel to come home from work, presumably starving as he has been working since 7am.