Inspiration from Moneysaving expert (MSE)

Slothing around on the sofa, nursing my cold, I started flicking through the MSE forums for a bit of fun and inspiration. I like what 10DFW will you do today

So these are my small DFW (debt free wannabee) things

Make use of free water, tea, coffee and even hot choclate at work
Charge phone, work phone and laptop at work
Take leftovers for lunch but free lunch when I have a meeting/training thorugh lunch (ridiculously often)
Check online banking daily
Check Freecycle fairly often
Check out this weeks flylady thread & do something - must keep on top of it this week
Have an NSD (No spend day)- I have laos of them
Read newspaper online - I never buy.
Made a list of making the house winter proof - mainly insulating conservatory roof and insulating all the curtains.
Negotiated a new cash handling procedure with the old chap. As well as his pocket money he will get his petrol/gas money in cash and a small amount for the bits of shopping that he can resist. Any savings he can make then he can keep them. For me it means certainty of what is happening with the bank account.

What do we think? Progress?


  1. I have loads of friends who do 1,2,3 at work - call it free perks.
    Older friends have been known to spend the day at the library - heating and cooling available all year round, plus free entertainment in the form of daily newspapers, magazines and books, free internet 1 hr a day, free tea and coffee to drink in comfy arm chairs plus they aren't using their water to flush the loo lol
    Take care

  2. haha, i hadn't thought of moving into the library Maybe i can go there at the weekend!

  3. only thing I am doing towards being debt free at the moment is that I bought a jar which is going to collect change and so on towards the 'great mortgage payoff' its a start!!

  4. I am totally and utterly doing things like this as I start back at college to finish my MA. I find it intriguing what we can do so thanks for the extra tips! :) What about lunches when we work for ourselves? I cycle to my studio and have lunch that was cooked the eve before!

    Off to follow :)


  5. Hi Moyra
    I have two huge vodka bottles for change collection. When they are both full i read that you should push them through the self service check outs as you will get the change in pound coins, and you don't lose a % like the coinstar machines!
    Hi Amelia
    I very often take leftovers in for lunch. I notice over the years more and more people do and less and less buy from the sandwich lady. Plus my employer gives us a kitchen with fridge, toaster, micro etc on each floor. They are quite good really, but sometimes I don't appreciate them.


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