Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lovely Sunday Afternoons

Quiet and lovely after a busy weekemd. We are chillin', as the kids say. Bonnie is playing Sims, Ahdel is composing music & writing lyrics. I am watching The BBC Teen awards as Jamal is there. His mate won one of the awards for being her mums primary carer since she as 4 years old. Bless her little cotton socks. They have another night in a fancy hotel tonight and all back to normal tomorrow. Jamal has been texting to us all through the gig, it almost felt like we were there. Quite hilarious that my computer stopped dead when the Black Eye Peas came on. Ahdel says Rupert (laptop) knows what he likes. Jamal said don't do CPR on him yet, wait until after Joe Jonas.

I made a huge chocolate fudge cake to everyone to share. We had homemade beef stew with dumplings for lunch, which was actually not a stew but a casserole because it makes the dumplings more yummy. I made the cake I don't like my oven to have empty space in it when its hot. I also roasted a chicken for next weeks lunches.

In an hour or so Fahed will be home from work and we will settle down to a few hours of TV viewing together. Lovely gentle Sunday afternoons........

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