Random thoughts about Apple

I got my first ever iPhone this week. An iPhone 4. Its amazingly easy to use compared with every phone I have ever had, even my Blackberry. Aside from being intuitive to use (maybe just for ipod users) it gives me feeling of control having so much in one place. Or at least it does until I lose it and then I lose access to everything, including my music, all on one go. My digital camera packed during the summer, my iPod died and could not be resuscitated by the repair company. It is destiny. I would have noticed the loss of Steve Jobs even if I hadn't had my new phone but it did seem a little sad and maybe ironic that I didnt have my phone 48 hours when he went. RIP Steve Jobs.

I read up on Steve Jobs today and saw he was mixed race, Syria and white European. Same as my children. I also read (not quite so) recently that mixed race children are ten times more likely to succeed in life than the rest of us.

Any idea why my youngest son cant get the job he wants with even his genetic make up working for him?? Grrr


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Just poppd in to say Hello and see how you went over your summer.
    Sometimes it's hard to understand the whys and wherefores of Life. My Mum used to say - 'Stop worrying, It'll all come out in the wash'.......... Aussies tend to say 'She'll be right Mate' Do hope the answer to your question turns up soon.
    Take care

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  3. Did you read/hear Jobs' Cambridge graduation speech? It was all about failure and opposition and how it made him better and stronger. Perhaps your son is just experiencing negatives to make him better? Of course that is easy for me to say since I'm not looking for employment.

  4. Yes, guess you are both right.Isnt there a saying something like 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' so I guess my baby is just getting there.

  5. I love the look of the iphone4 but alas it is not to be for me. Is there a big difference between the iphone4 and the 4s they just came out with?


  6. No idea. I am not really into this sort of thing. I got the i phone because it was a good deal. So far I am pleased with it. I am not the sort to fit for new goodies though


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