Still poorly - more reading

I went to work this morning but general consensus was that i looked terrible and should go home again, so I did. I know its only a cold but I do feel frightful. All feverish and worrying about everything.

However every cloud has a silver lining so I have been snuggling up on the sofa and reading some of the diaries of the Debt (& Mortgage) Free Wannabees. Very inspiring although I am already pretty canny with my cash so its more about inspiration than actual new tricks.

I do have something good, and very MSE, up my sleeve though. This morning I had a letter from the mortgage company. They found I have been overpaying. I hadn't realized I needed to tell them but apparently I do. They asked if I was paying the money off my principal or interest. Principal said I. In that case we should re-work your length of the mortgage my man said. So he did. He reduced it from 21 years to 17. Bless him little cotton socks. Jamal was here whilst I was talking to my new friend David. He was quite intrigued. He is all for early repayment of mortgage because, as he says, we will be minted when that's gone! I told him how I had nearly paid it all off once before and then we had this brilliant idea that we would like another house. He was cool about that too. He has started to understand that having flash cars, designer clothes etc might not actually be a symbol of wealth. Pretty sure I actually saw a penny drop!


  1. Hope you feel a bit better today LIzzie :)

  2. Thank you, definitely on the improve.

  3. My mortgage had an option for where my extra money could go. No one seemed to care that I was paying more. Good thing I knew what I was doing. I would hate to pay more interest. 17 years doesn't sound too bad. Of course it will be shorter than that soon. Do they have to call you every year now to rework the length of the mortgage?

    And get better soon! People are starting to hack and cough around my office too.

  4. I an call anytime to raise or lower the payments my new mate David tells me. If that went hopelessly wrong then i could stretch it until I am 75. If it all goes well then I can shrink it up as much as i like. Very nice to know as I previously wasn't allowed to overpay.


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