Why do I do it?

I thought I would calculate my net worth again, just for giggles. Oh why do I taunt myself??

Zoopla tells me that my house has gone down in value by a further £3879

The euro exchange rate is crawling up, which is good when I have to make payments in Euros but not for net worth purposes. Overall decrease £9923.

Land & property in Syria being sold, not at a loss but not at the profit it should have been. I strongly suspect we are being taken advantage of by sister in law. My husband thinks so too but we all the same its easier for us this way and we learn not to go into business with her again. Loss £3600

Liz Pension - unchanged (but good, one of my best ever investments even though it has cost me an arm and leg to make the contributions)

Fahed Pension - I am not sure. I had a letter from a company to whom he made a regular payment for a few years right before he had his heart attack, back at the end of the nineties. I didnt realise it was worth anything but apparently it is. I will investigate further. I have put in a very cautious £5000 at his point.

Total decrease £17,402. Oh, happy days.

But I am enjoying my job again. I have had a lot of staffing problems in the last six months. One of my managers and a couple of my team leaders have been amazing and really supportive, some of the others not so much. It is beginning to all feel good again. Having a fairly safe and enjoyable, and if I am honest quite well paid job, actually makes up for the endless losses to my net worth.

Life is good and very often fun as well.


  1. I don't dare add mine up. Too depressing. I just know that it isn't enough for what I want to do yet. But we have some time left right?

  2. We do indeed. At least I hope so. I don't take it too seriously I would prefer more equity in the house where I live so that I could fix my mortgage interest rate. My bank says the percentage of mortgage to value is too low for a fix. They are right but maybe they could consider I haven't ever had mortgage arrears and I regularly overpay, so I am not exactly high risk.


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