Sunday, 23 October 2011


I am awake but I am the only one. Cup of coffee, honey on toast and last nights Qi XL on the TV. Ah bliss.

Ahdel didnt finish work until 10pm last night so he and Bonnie stayed up pretty late to have some free time together. Fahed has still not shaken off his chest infection and was running an awful temperature last night. We cancelled his classes today and I am leaving him to sleep until he wakes up for himself.

I am loving the peace and quiet but its a bit limiting to what I can do. Yesterday Bonnie and I had a real good clean out and de-clutter. She did their bedroom and the conservatory which joins on to their room. I did the rest. Today I was planning some painting, now I am wondering if the smell will wake Fahed as paint makes him a bit sick. Also some laundry but the machine is quite near Ahdel & Bonnie's room and i don't want to wake them. Lastly some vacuuming in the sitting room but again noise. Looks like I am forced to sit around watching TV and munching toast for a while.

Tomorrow is pay day so I am sorting out the 'new way' with money for this month. I have divided up the cash for food, petrol and pocket monies and am confiscating debit cards. We are going cash. I am copying Laura.. I do know that I lack Laura's discipline so hopefully this can keep me in check automatically.

Since talking to my bank about the mortgage recently I am much more aware of the debt and thinking about the possibilities of over-payment. I am saving money for a one off contribution to the principal but also have decided that I want to increase the regular overpayment by a further £54 per month from next April. That will knock another year off the length of the mortgage.

Toast time is over, painting must commence.


  1. its amazing that as little as £54 a month can knock a whole year of a mortgage isn't it. enjoy the space to do nothing. sometimes we don't get enouugh of that.

  2. I agree, that is amazing.


    I find it really works.

    Laura is such an inspiration isn't she!

    Sft x

  3. Well, to get £54 to make a difference you do have have over 190 more payments to make. If i had less years to go then it wouldn't help. LOL.

    Cash is king! Thank you


  4. One year less is great! Keep up the fight!


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