Tuesday, 25 October 2011


That's me. I loaned my car to my son this week as he has a training course some distance from home. I borrowed my husbands car for work. I had already used up all of my parking allocation for this month as I was expecting to get lifts to and from work. We do have a car park a little way from work. You can park there for three hours free so I normally leave it there for a but and then at midday move it into any spare spaces that we have around. Today there were no spares so I payed for my parking online and then forgot about it. Fast forward to tonight. Big fat parking ticket. £50 but reduced to £25 if you pay within 14 days. I was just about to write them a mean letter when I realized that I parked Fahed's car and paid for parking on my own car. I have written a grovelling letter instead. I am a Muppet.

Other money things are going better. I am using an app called Spendometer (which was free, obviously)to record all of my spends. I only divide the categories into food and drink (all shopping), travel (all fuel, parking etc)and entertainment (my pocket money) because that is how I budget. Its fun and I don't forget as fast as I do with writing it down. Wonder if it will stop me from spending any money which doesn't fall into those categories.


  1. Hope you get an understanding reply to your letter Lizzie. Type of thing I'd do.

    I like the sound of your app.

    Sft x

  2. Oh gosh, that's a dent to your budget. I hate when good plans go bad.

  3. Hi SFT.
    Sadly nothing yet.

    Hi Daizy
    Even more annoying as it was my own stupidity.

    Ah well.


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