I'm skint

I read on someone blog ones that it winds them up when people who aren't skint say that they are. Sorry, I am doing it anyway. My money has been firmly compartmentalized. So when I say I am skint I am effectively just that and I am not hitting savings pots just to make easier. This stops me from being properly skint.

I am still sticking to the ultra low budget this month. I am enjoying the knowledge that we can do it but cant say I am enjoying it otherwise. I am stretching the food and the larder is actually starting to not look completely overstuffed, which is a good thing as it prompts me to have a bit of a sort out in their too. What I don't like is the feeling of vulnerability that I couldn't manage if anything different came along. Its daft to feel this way as I could dip in the savings if required but keeping it away from me and under lock and key has certainly kept it safe. Fahed in his turn seems to have stopped spending anything at all except his fuel for getting to work. Our little money pots are certainly looking a little better with the stricter regime.

Why are we doing it again? Oh yes, freedom! Get our old house in Crete restored to be let out and get some passive income in. That's Fahed's pension and also something to hand over to the kids one day.

I am thoroughly enjoying my job again since I have replaced my 'off sick' manager and so am not doing two jobs all by myself. I was just stressed out by having two senior staff members responsibilities. Buts its all good now and I no longer feel I have to plan to retire as soon as I can. That may sound inconsequential but actually it does make a difference because our plans can all change when we know that I probably have another 11 years (finishing at 60, eek)on a good salary and will have an acceptable pension when I leave. I have contributed the absolute maximum that I can to my pension for the last 28 years, one of most most sensible moves. In fact maybe my only sensible move.

Most useful thing anyone ever told me to avoid being 'real skint' rather than my kind of skint is to take out your savings from your money on pay day not at the end of the month. It seems obvious as an adult but back then it was a revelation. The hard line successful debt repayers seem to be using the same method, overpay all bills and live on the little bit that is left, not live and then pay over what you have left. I do it with the saving still but also mortgage overpayments. Hand it over on pay day and then make the rest stretch. I am sure that has made me pay more than i would if I waited to see what was left. Although that could be just because I am not especially disciplined!

So of to the supermarket shortly to spend approx £40 on this weeks groceries, then two pots of paint from B&Q. Thats all for this week, I am skint.


  1. You have probably mentioned this before but how does the cost of living in Crete compare to the UK? Will you need less retirement savings to live there?

  2. The cost of water, gas, electricity. property tax is significantly less than here but food, especially meat, costs more. Overall it would balance out to be less. Property tax here is £120 a month and out there I pay that for about a year!!
    We wont live there full time though, we will keep a house here and also travel. My choice is keeping myself short of money now to build security for when we have less coming in. To me it seems the only sensible option.


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