Birthday Bunnies

We had a lovely family evening last night. It was is Fahed's birthday, my toy boy us now 48. Also Ahdel's girlfriend Bonnie's birthday, she is 20.

Fahed was working until 7pm and then came home to cook for us. I offered but he likes to cook for us, and I suspect he does his 'signature dish' way better. We had his world famous Steak and Chips. |Even Jamal, the only person I have ever met who doesn't like potatoes enjoys his dad's chips.

Cake will be Sunday, when we have a bit of room for it in our tummies. Jamal makes the birthday cakes. We are creatures of habit, every birthday for us is the same so apparently we like it that way. Fahed cooks steak in a cream and mushroom sauce with home made chips, then we watch which DVDs the birthday bunny got. Last night was two Omid Jallalli gigs. Ahdel & I both laughed until our tummies hurt. We had a couple of extra kids around so the place was pretty full but everyone enjoyed themselves.

Shame both Fahed & Bonnie have work this morning and had to be up and out of the house by 7.30am but that's swimming teaching for you.

Now I have a huge list of things to do today.
Change bedding & do all laundry
Pack away summer dresses (didnt realise valuable wardrobe space was still be taking by some dresses)
Sort clean laundry to go away.
Print vouchers fro ASDA shop (saving about £7 per week with their latest deals)
Re-arrange bedroom to make best use of furniture and space- we had a biggish screen TV that was never watched up here but gave it to Ahdel to use as a monitor for his new computer system. He is studying CAD so a large HD screen is essential, so the TV is finally getting some use.
Drop a couple of items at the dump (recycling centre)
Drop a bag of books and videos & a bag of clothes at the Salvation army.
Stock up on chilies and olives at the Asian supermarket in town.
Weekly shop at ASDA
Pack away contents of veggie box an plan meals for weekend and next week.

Busy but pleasurable day, my favourite. When Fahed come home from work we are going to visit a friend, the one whose kids were here last night with my boys, and when Fahed does his voluntary work tonight I will go visit my family and he can join us afterwards. All talk will be of plans for Christmas and our visit to France.

Happy Days