Summing up of my Saturday

Did all my laundry but a little still needs to dry.
changed bedding- we are pleasantly snuggled in turquoise as I write this.
All the clean dry laundry is put away.
Big fat fail on printing my ASDA tokens due to a printer malfunction. I will use them later this week though.
Bedroom is slightly rearranged to make me a dressing table where once was the TV. It's cozy and lovely in here right now.
We recycled a couple of things.
We took a bag of clothes and a bag of books and videos to the Sally Ann's
We shopped at the Asian Supermarket and Asda.
What I didnt do was cook any dinner. The kids had a cooked breakfast but Fahed ate nothing but a few raw carrots. I ate leftovers.
I didn't colour my hair and so I still look like a badger.
Fahed got copious brownie points by arranging for someone to come to move the gas cooker point next weekend. This is the only thing holding up the renovation project in the kitchen.
Tomorrow I must cook, do a little more painting and maybe get the Christmas deccies out of the attic.

I could be so much more productive if I didnt have to go to work.


  1. I sure wish I had all my laundry done. I did change the bedding though so I feel mostly civilized.

  2. Ha ha, its easier for me. Washing machine and tumble dryer in a large cupboard off the kitchen with power and water, and drainage, all attached. Bliss. I dont have the freedom of the desert but its damn convenient.


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