I have ordered a veg box from 5 a day for the last few weeks. I love the variety that we get and the little surprises that they add. This week they added a bag of tangerines, a butternut squash and randomly a pint of full cream milk! Ha ha, Christmas every Friday. Because we don't choose the veg we are having to be more creative. It really pushes you to try new things. Normally we get through a ton of fruit and salad plus mushrooms,onions and potatoes. Sometimes beans, sometimes sprout and cabbage but mostly salad stuff. Its a part of Fahed's culture that there is a salad beside most meals unless they are of the soup/stew type. This is forcing us away from that a little, only a little, and into more cooked veg, and its great fun.

I am wondering if I might do the same with meat. I used to buy meat from a wholesaler in Reading but the traffic and the travel was just to much for the savings we made. Now these same people have opened a website with delivery. delivery cost £9.75 but if you order more than £75 at once then it's free. I found this company again because I brought a Groupon last week for a bargain priced Christmas meat combo. There isn't actually a saving over the normal site price but it was a good deal in the first place. I am glad it reminded me of their existence. I am going to buy the first box at the end of the month.

The weekly shop at Asda is so much quicker without the veg. I feel a bit self conscious at the check out like the cashier is thinking, they can't be very healthy, wheres the veg! If I dont have to buy veg or meat then its going to be an even quicker experience. What else do I buy? Yesterday I bought pitta bread, soft drinks (December counts as Christmas), mayonnaise, chillies and olives form the Asian supermarket. Shopping is going to take me about 10 minutes a week. Result!!


  1. That box sounds like fun except I am too picky to eat most of it and the dogs probably wouldn't appreciate it either. I have trouble even finishing a head of lettuce before it goes bad.


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