Not getting sucked in to the shop til you drop culture

£4.3 billion spent in the last two days at the sales here apparently. It is suppose to save several big chains from going to the wall. I am feeling a little guilty that shopping is no longer a hobby but that't the paradox of thrift. I can do something which is good for us or good for the economy but not both. I have opted for what is good for us but I do have a little spending to do.

I need a new hair cut. Suddenly my hair looks just awful.
A new foundation. I don't very often wear make up but if I am honest I do look better with it so I might make a small investment.
Depending on other expenditure we are thinking of buying a WiiFit. We need more exercise and this does look like fun.
Also plates. Since everyone turned up here on Christmas Eve and I found I barely have enough plates to feed everyone, in fact Fahed had to eat from a smallish serving dish. Not sure what happened to all of my plates since we last tried to feed that many people but I am guessing broken (by Jamal, he's a little awkward but also way more likely to be cooking than his brother). I am going for supper plate sized to stop us from having portion control issues (yep, given the chance we can be piggies). Its healthy eating all the way for us from January 2nd. I never start things on 1st January as it is asking for trouble to be restrained when we are still in party mode. My dad will be 84 on the first so we will be celebrating, and almost certainly there will be food involved.

And wandering on to the subject of food in the new year we are aiming for a few changes:

Food needs to be able to accommodate the fact that everyone works different hours/shifts.
Got to be healthy and nutritious.
Got to be affordable.
Oh yep, got to be tasty.
Reasonably quick and easy to prepare.
At least two of us have serious amounts of weight to lose.

So that's the first of my things to consider for the plans/resolutions.