Never quiet for long

So Jamal went off to his birthday party in Winchester & Ahdel's mate called for him to go to the pub for a while for someones birthday. I thought I had a quiet evening at home. I went off to bed before 10, having eaten my curry in the bath with a book (it was my anniversary!!). Then my son texted me to say we are on our way home, lets have a glass of wine to celebrate. I heard them come in so popped on my trackies and came down the stairs. I heard Bonnie say 'oh,no, we have woken Mama up'. Then Ahdel saying, no, I already told her to get up again and join us. Bless. So the six of us watch some stand up for a couple of hours and did have a glass of wine. It was actually nicer than being alone on a special day. I hopped back into my bed around midnight and, except for hearing Jamal creeping in at 1.30, snoozed through until 7.30. I do like peace and quiet and time alone but I have to say I do like a few people about the place too. I would so love to live in a big old house where noise wouldn't bother anyone and I never needed to lock the door. My son must be the only one who ever left home to live with mates his own age but came back because it was too quiet! Tonight I think I will actually be alone as Ahdel is away until tomorrow evening at another, more long distance, family event. Jamal always stay at my parents house on a Saturday night. I can watch whatever I wanton TV when I come home from there at 10pm. Of course there wont be anything I want. So anyway, it is Saturday. Day at home. Whoop. I have a huge to do list but I am getting through it. Whilst doing something I got side tracked into disposing of an additional thirteen pieces of clothing. I have some clothes which are a little too small but which I am closer to fitting into than I have been for a while. I just took a really good look at them and decided that they were too out of date, didn't like the fabric or in one case, even the actual colour way. One two piece outfit to the ebay basket and all the rest straight in the charity bag. Just a couple more items and it will be April. I am actually wondering if I have really turned a corner in my hoarding (no, not like the TV program but still a bit of clutter). Everything I look at I just want to be rid. I actually feel that rush of freedom which everyone always talked about. I still have about a million items to get rid of before my kitchen looks like Laura's though.


  1. The Hoarders show always makes me want to clean and throw things out!

  2. I haven't seen it but was reading about it. I am not sure if it is on here. The trouble with me is i get sucked into these weird reality TV things and end up watching such rubbish. I must learn to resist!


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