Ah, more bliss

I am missing the old fella. I really am but having a thoroughly nice time anyway. He normally goes for between 6 weeks and 3 months so 10 days is nothing much really. Work is hard and stressful still but everything else is good.

Today I turned a load more stuff out in our bedroom, as planned. We ate as planned except that we ate tomorrows dinner as well (whoops). I had my hair cut and I like the result. I coloured it myself (too mean to have it done at shop)and I think it looks nice. I am half way towards sorted out with my bedroom coffee tray. Jamal re-arranged my pictures & re-hung my jewellery boards to fit in with the the new furniture arrangements. I keep my earrings and necklaces on notice boards covered in velvet. I really like to be able to see everything and choose what I want and not have it all bundled up in a box. One of my earliest getting organised projects & it still works well.

This evening I went to my parents house & spent a lovely evening with my family talking about travelling we did in the past. Weird that we can remember what we ate in the 70's & 80's in the US or Malaysia, but we cant remember what we ate yesterday.

And now the TV channel Dave has an evening of QIXL. Ah, Bliss.