Side Income and Sunday stuff.

As you can tell from the style of my blog (um, personalised ramble might be the best description) I write it because I like to write, and the way it makes me feel more accountable, rather than to make money. Extra money would be useful of course & one day I may understand how to do that side of things. I am happy with the idea that most days about a hundred (sometimes 200 - to me that's incredible) people read my nonsense. Despite this I finally got around to following the instructions on blogger to 'monetorize my blog' in November. I am guessing that the blog would be easier to read if I remember to tag posts and do link backs too. I will try. I really will.

So guess how much income I have made from your clicks? £1.54!! Ok,I am not getting too excited as that seems to be about 2.5 months worth but nonetheless borderlne exciting for me. I am a paid writer. And at the end of 12 months I could maybe buy a loaf of bread & some milk.

Getting back to my 366 challenge. I cant believe how much is hiding in my, already tidy, bedroom. I have now been through everything except for the drawers below the wardrobe and the under bed storage. After the re-arrange and since it is getting emptier I notice that the paint work needs touching up. Great, now I am creating work for myself. I am intending to finish those areas today and then count up the items. Next on my list are a side board and dresser in the big room which we always call the conservatory. Will Fahed notice? Not likely, and that is fine with me.

Finished my coffee and leftover Banoffee pie, back to de-cluttering.


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