Best Ever Banofffee Pie

As made by my eldest son, the non cook, and perfect every time.

i packet of chocolate hobnob biscuit
1/2 packet of unsalted butter
One tine of Nestle Condensed Milk - already caramelised
3 bananans
Large tub of whipping cream

Blitz the biscuits and butter together in the food processor until you have crumbs.
Press into a large flan dish and refridgerate for an hour or so.
Spread the caramelized mil across the base nicely.
Top with slices of banana.
Decorate with a nice thick coating of whipped cream.

If you are going to eat it straight away then the banana can go on top of the cream but it will discolour quite quickly.

Serve & munch!


  1. I have never heard of it. Is it like a caramel banana pie?


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