it's 11th March

That's how good the 366 challenge is going. I have disposed of one item a day until 11th March. I am eyeing up things I had for Christmas a few weeks back and wondering how soon I can reasonably let them go. Ha ha. Maybe I can actually get on the road to minimalism.

My no spend/low spend session is going well. On Friday I made HM'Lush Curry' instead of a takeaway
for a treat. Saturday was leftovers for lunch and Deli rolls at dinner. Today we ate up vearius leftovers. I might have to give in and cook properly tomorrow though as I am abouit out of leftovers, except a ton of frozen lunches for work. My grocery shopping was £84 this week but it was enough food for two weeks. This coming week will be just pitta bread and top up on tins (tomatoes,kidney bins, baked beans etc). No more than £25 in total.

As far as being organised, laundry is all done (no hauling water though, its easy for me) and the last few things still drying. Rubbish is out and kitchen wiped. Floors all swept. A couple of dishes to go in the dishwasher & all is well in the household. I have been freezing some open wine into ice cubes to add to stews rather than waste it. When I was thirty I would never have believed that I left a bottle unfinished but I appear to have lost my appetite for wine. I wish I could feel the same about food.

Tonight there are Poirot re-runs on TV. I am content.