Blue Monday Rambley Ramble

Is today the most depressing day of the year? This Monday is, I think, Blue Monday. Its a Monday, in January, not yet the first pay day after Christmas. It's all gloom, gloom, gloom. All in all not feeling unhappy although I would always prefer to stay home instead of go to work. That is an other mans grass is always greener reaction, not real.

We kept supper really simple today. Cumberland sausages, mash and baked beans. It is very popular, quick and simple. Must do it more often. Sometimes I forget that I dont have to spend ages chopping veg, making dumplings...

i am totally getting into the no spend/low spend. My default is definitely being changed to not spend, even for the grocery and fuel budgets which I have already set aside. Normally I don't worry too much as long as I am within budget but now I am happily coming in under.

I am on a de-clutter break now until the weekend.then its the study, for which I really need to be in the mood, as I keep using it as a dumping ground for everything.

In my continuing attempt to deal with issues, especially those with a financial impact, instead of being a lazy ratbag, I sent a couple of emails this week. One to Optimax because I believe my eyesight is deteriorating after my surgery last spring. I am reasonably sure that they did say that I get additional treatment for no further cost if there was a problem. I hope so. Slightly less financially impressive but nonetheless worth doing, I emailed Hawkins Bazaar about my sons colour changing alarm clock. He had it for Christmas and it lasted about 40 seconds before it died. They are now in receivership but have kindly agreed to send through a new one & I don't need to return the old one. We did take it to the shop but all of the branches locally were locked up.

I spoke to Fahed in Jordan today. He sounded quite well so I think my sister in law must be dealing with the loss of her husband better than he expected. I think he flew out there more because he was worried about her than for the funeral. Be nice to have him home again next week.

Last thing, I am really feeling some resurgence of wanderlust since reminiscing with my family last weekend. I loved to travel. I still try to as much as I can but I miss the long haul stuff. Travel is the thing I am most looking forward to spending more money on once I am debt & mortgage free. In the mean time there is Easyjet.


  1. The gloomy Monday reached all the way over here. I had rain this morning and clouds all day. Bad news about my furnace and more bills rounded out a not so pleasant start to the week.

  2. Sorry,at least you got very cute puppies?


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