Sunday Update

366 challenge - Another good weekend for de-cluttering - I am now into April now but only just. Low spend/no spend - no superfluousness spending. The takeaway curry on my wedding anniversary was not superfluousness, it was my celebratory meal. Yaay. I just need to ensure I take lunches again this week because else I end up on the slippery slope to spending.
Procrastination update - this is a photo of my 'procrastination basket'. A craft basket full of half finished projects. Today I mended the actual basket, disposed of the piece of cross stitch i was half way though that is supposed to go into coaster - i will find something more special to me. I sorted out and trimmed a rug-work cushion cover that my mum gave me once. I am finishing it this week to give it back to her as a birthday present along with some special choccies. There are two cross stitch kits which are not started. I am going to stitch them. Family - tomorrow my eldest son will be 22. Wow. That means that 22 years ago tonight I was only an hour or so from 14 hours of very painful labour. It was worth it. Fahed should have been coming back today but phoned this morning to say that his newly widowed sister had been taken into a hospital. She has had a stroke. I will call him tonight but I don't know what is going to happen. Watching - Tonight a scary film. We are part way through The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Not what you would call enjoyable. Listening to - Nothing, no time this week. Reading Part way through a second horse racing mystery novel by Dick Francis. I haven't read one of his for years but these are excellent. I looked on Amazon to check out the price of a complete works set but it was in the hundreds. Good job I am on the low spend challenge. The week ahead - Ahdel's birthday but Fahed normally cooks the birthday meal so we will wait. Hopefully some good news from Fahed & hopefully we get him back. I will make the most of being alone to get more de-cluttering and re-arranging etc done.