Saturday, 3 March 2012

A day of action

My Saturdays are always pretty full actually, as with any working mum, but I have a few nice things in their with the normal stuff.

Vacuum right through the house.
Change bedding.
One lot of laundry ( I have done all the rest already)
Empty and re-stack dishwasher.
Empty dresser ahead of its move to the kitchen this week - this falls into the quite interesting category as it forces me to sort the contents for the charity boxes and actually choose what to keep of the rest.
Allow myself an hour in the garden if it is warm enough to get a bit p together ahead of spring.
Buy a bird. Jamal & I are off to the aviary this morning. We are looking for a Bourke's parakeet. Wish us luck as they are not so easy to find.

I wanted to add a photo at this point but I am on the old fells laptop and its all just too hard.

Last night was a talking about plans evening.

I discussed my property portfolio plans with Fahed. He agrees with my idea to finish the family house and rent it out with a tourist license, develop the old house and add to the portfolio and then build a third house. It's a fair sized piece of land and can be 70% because it is in the village borders. We will build on my like 40% with three houses. We do like the village but it is so quiet and away from where we most like to be so maybe in future we will look for something back in our favourite village by the sea instead. We are thinking to stop or mortgage overpayments for a year or at most two. The extra cash cant go into the building projects but we will then get a little money in from these. We also have the money to come back from Syria one day.

Ahdel's mate came around last night and we discussed summer holidays. Are we odd that not only or kids (20 & 22) but their mates always come on holiday with s. I don't pay or actively encourage them (although I really do enjoy it, I like to think they came to the decision alone). I think this year there will be nine of us again. We discussed maybe driving to Crete but the boat crossing form Italy was too expensive mid summer. We looked at driving through Slovenia, Croatia & Macedonia but we dont really have long enough to enjoy the actual trip. I think we are back to the drawing board & flying again. Not my favourite option but the most sensible when there is a time limit on travel.

So now its time to get on with my day. Anyone else doing anything exciting for Saturday?


  1. Saturday is exciting to me just because it's SATURDAY! I didn't get my nap because the plumber was here but I got some organizing done and that is good too.

  2. Bt now you have a new house so everything is suddenly kind of exciting, at least until yo get used to it?

  3. Saturday was wet and windy - bit of a blow as I felt llike doing some gardening. Had to content myself with sorting out some really old photographs. Had to do the same on Sunday as that was wet and windy also lol

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  4. Same here Cathy, by the time the rained stopped on Saturday then I had lost interest & on Sunday it never did stop and we even had snow!


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