Sunday, 25 March 2012


We are having lovely sunny days at the moment which lift everyone's mood. So I am still smiling today despite the fact that;

The boiler is still not happy, has gone out and cannot be re-lit. Boiler man coming at 8.00am tomorrow. Cost £unknown but probably not nice.

My car has started to overheat really quickly. The water is up to the line so something else is wrong, thermostat or pump I guess. Trip to garage early this week for a full prognosis. Cost £also unknown but probably not nice.

The letter U on this keyboard has to be fair beaten to get it to show itself. Cost £nil but irritation factor is high. Fahed says he will fix it this pm but I bet he wont.

Suddenly Fahed's car needs two new tyres. I hear him say this from time to time but don't take much notice and now I cant ignore it any more. Cost approx £140 per tyre. I will try to reflect that I am happy to only be replacing 2 and not all 4.

Yesterday my washing machine broke. Not just broke mechanically but the actual glass door kind of exploded into the kitchen. I guess it was hit by a jeans button or something. I still have a drum for of wet clothes and glass to sort out this morning.

So yes, lucky it is sunny and we have fun things to do this afternoon or else I might be a bit grumpy.

Yesterday I pickled lemons, today we are doing chillies and baby cucumbers. I am also making a load of home made burgers for the freezer and Fahed is making yoghurt. I love these nice productive days. Oh, and tonight is the delayed birthday meal for Ahdel, next week we have Jamal's.

SO at least I have a lot of good things happening to take my mind off the other stuff.

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  1. I think you have the household flu and my house caught it too. Hey, that rhymes. :)


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