I am copying Carla's GBU idea. Lovely way to sum up the week.

My lovely order from Carla is ready and shortly crossing the Atlantic to me.
Kitchen & Sitting room re-modeling are moving fast!
Fahed has decided to build me a covered area in the back garden to dry washing etc instead of getting a new tumble dryer. Result!
Next weekend is three day weekend.
Jamal has agreed to think about joining us on holiday.

Jaw aches, end to end, as the nerve seems to be inflamed.
The chaos in the house is not fun as we progress with work.

Microwave blew up, like every other appliance in the house this month. I am wondering how 'old school' we can be and just survive without these things.


  1. I make do without a tumble dryer, it can be done, plus I'm too frugal/tight to pay for the cost of running it lol :)

    When our microwave goes I'm probably not going to replace it - although dd does use it to reheat her plated dinners so I would have to work around that somehow.

    Hope your mouth feels better soon :)

  2. Oh my, pretty soon your husband will be building you a outdoor oven/fire pit for your cooking. I'm sure you will save tons of money though!


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