I missed you!

So the insurance company decided to take the ceiling in the main room here (which, being an English house, is pretty much the only room) so we have had great fun. The kitchen is mid -refit by my menfolk & the contents of the sitting room are pretty much all still in the conservatory. No satellite, or indeed Tv to view it on, for a week was fine. No sofa to sit on whilst not watching TV was fine. The cooker hood box was an impromptu dining table for the food I couldn't cook ( we had a lot of cold food, used special offer vouchers at local eating places and hot cooked chicken etc from ASDA. I miss my cooking). I missed my broadband router most of all.

So now have a new ceiling and it looks lovely. The plaster is almost dry and should be ready for painting mid week. Ahdel will paint the rest of the room & there is talk of sanding the floor & re-finishing it. Hopefully we move back into that room by next weekend.

The kitchen has been partially re-plastered, deep cleaned & completely painted. cupboard, yes, with doors and drawer front! The cooker has had a total service and looks like new. I have a massive chalkboard on one wall, all of the wood work around the door etc is finished. The cooker hood and glass splashback have been fitted. Ebay has been stripped! Fahed is finally a convert to ebay since he went to the local plumbers merchant to get the fittings for the sink I bought on ebay a whilst back. He took a phot of the sink on his phone. The guy asked him how much we paid. I am not 100% certain but it was about £160. The guy showed him them on the website for £900. I had similar success with the other things too. He was similarly impressed with me finding parts for washing machine and cooker on the internet. He is almost beginning to think it might be a useful tool instead of a waste of time now.

Other important news. My winning prize from Carla & my order arrived a couple of days ago. They are as lovely as I had hoped. I am going to use the wallet for diving my cash between shopping, petrol,pocket money. Also a section for vouchers & maybe for receipts. I will keep receipts for appliances etc at home still but the kind of receipts where you have to use them online to g4t a voucher or whatever can have a place. The mug rug is well too cute to use for a potentially drippy coffee cup. It is renamed as the iphone launch pad. I have my iphone and a Blackberry for work, so these can now lie side by side to do their charging, on my cute little phone rug. Thank you Carla, just brilliant. And I am saving up for this lovely bag next.

Back later. Now I am attached to the internet again I really feel the urge to talk(type)!!


  1. Lizzie - it's really good to see you back - I was worried about you! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I'm glad that things are starting to return to normal!

    Tiddles x

  2. Hi Tiddles
    Thank you. Nice to be back :)


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